Curry puff, spring rolls & sesame red bean ball from Fast Wok

I love my heritage & part of it is the amazing variety of food & cuisines that we have. When spoken about, most known Malaysian cuisine is dishes & meals but snacks play an important part of our food variance. These are the food you get on the go, to fill in the lil hunger pangs of the day, late night cravings & so much more.

Here we have curry puff which is a puff pastry filled with diced chickens potatoes, onions & sometimes peas cooked in a dried curry paste.

Then the well known spring roll is a staple, filled with shredded vegetables & mince.

Last in the photo is a sesame red bean paste ball which is red beans cooked & grounded to a paste as a filling in a fried glutinous rice ball rolled in sesame seeds.


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