BBQ teriyaki chicken, tonkatsu black ramen, beef & foie gras gyoza, shake shioyaki lunch set & sudachi sparkling cold sake from Torii Restaurant & Bar

Another great Sunday lunch with friends at Torii Restaurant & Bar. 

This time, I tried the tonkatsu black ramen. This is one bowl of amazing goodness! Full of flavour cloudy broth, roasted black garlic, springy ramen noodles, sliced pork, boiled egg & seaweed. Soooooooo good that I pretty much left nothing in the bowl at the end of it 😬

Hubs chose to try the BBQ teriyaki chicken. This can be eaten on its own or with rice if you prefer. Well marinated & full of flavour.


Our friend got the shake shioyaki lunch set which is grilled salmon with rice, pickles, miso soup, potato salad & veggies.

We also got a beef & foie gras gyoza to share. 

Lastly, being a hot day, we also tried a Sudachi sparkling sake which is served cold. It is actually a lighted version of sake which was lovely to enjoy on a hot summer day. 


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