Homemade chicken schnitzel with mash & vege 

Chicken schnitzel is one of Hubs’ all time favourites. I don’t make it often as mum & sis makes it best & so I usually leave it to them to make it for family dinners. 

On the rare occasion that I do make it, here is the recipe & result. 

This is a pretty good way of making 2 chicken breast go a long way as it  actually makes up quite a fair few pieces. So I slice each chicken breast into 4 pieces keeping the shape. Then using a mallet or tenderiser, “whack” the chicken pieces. This makes each piece bigger & “flatter” which makes it easier/quicker to cook & also crunchier. I don’t “over-whack” it because you would still want to have some “meat” in each piece. 

Then I whisk up 2 eggs & a cup of milk in a bowl, in another bowls I have breadcrumbs, mixed herbs, salt, pepper & paprika mixed together. 

Dip each piece of chicken in the egg mixture & then coat it in crumbs and repeat. I do it twice for each piece of chicken so it is fully coated. Here is where I show my Asian self by using chopsticks to do so. Lol. 

Once all the pieces of chicken are coated, set it aside for a lil while. Then put some water to boil, peel & cut the potatoes & place in boiling water for the mash. Using the same pot of boilin g water, I add a steamer attachment on top & in goes the carrots julienned lengthwise & broccolini. 

Once that is goinng, I heat up some oil in a shallow pan… peanut, vegetable, canola or sunflower oil is best for shallow frying. When oil is heated, fry each piece of chicken till golden brown. 

When potatoes are ready, mash it up  with some milk, butter & salt. 

Now they are all ready to serve & enjoy! 


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