Herb butter roast chicken & vegetables 

This is one easy meal to cook. Takes abt 10 minutes at the most to prep & then the oven does all the work. 

I take some butter (about half a block) & leave it out to soften. It was a really hot summer day when I made this so it softened rather quickly. 

In that time, I chopped up all my vegetables (potatoes & carrots) to chunky sizes. I also wash & pat dry the chicken. I that use a knife to make a slit in the skin just above the cavity & using your fingers or a spoon, slowly lift the skin off the meat without tearing it off. You will have to do this to both sides of the chicken.

By now the butter would have softened. I add some dried mixed herbs & paprika to it & mix it through. 

I then slide a spoonful of butter into each side & press it & move it along. This will allow the butter to flavour the dry parts of the chicken keeping it juicy. Then rub a bit of the butter mixture lightly over the chicken skin & sprinkle some salt & crack pepper over it. This is now ready for the oven. 

With the remaining butter mixture, toss it with the chopped vegetables, sprinkle with salt & crack pepper & it is ready for the oven too. 


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