Almond croissant & chai latte from Manolas Bros Delicatessen 

I sometimes forget to have “me time” in my busy schedule. Although we are at a stage of life where it is just the 2 of us with no kids yet, we get so busy sometimes that we hardly get to spend time together just relaxing so while we schedule that in, we also try to schedule in “me time” when possible. 

So after a few crazy weeks & a big event the night before that we had organised, I decided that I was going to use the massage voucher that a friend of mine had given me. 

After a great massage at Capri on Via Roma, I then went to MBD for an almond croissant & a chai latte. There I was able to chill, do a bit of catch up work, do some creative stuff, which resulted in quite a productive time included in the “me time” pampering I had just before. 

MBD is a great deli which used to be in Tedder Avenue. Known for their baked goods including pies & desserts amongst other things, their quality has always been consistent. 

I have a weakness for almond croissants when they are available. In fact, as much as I love chocolate, when given a choice of both, I will always pick almond. 


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