Store bought madeira cake filled with passion fruit cream, topped with whipped cream, fresh peaches, fresh strawberries, tinned mandarin segments & passionfruit pulp 

Some days when life gets busy, you have just gotta do things the cheats way. As much as we would love to have everything homemade & homebaked, with our busy schedule, we sometimes just don’t have the time & we don’t really have to feel bad about it. In those circumstances, your cake or dessert that you are bringing to a dinner party doesn’t have to be one of those pre-made & pre-decorated ones from the store either (& there is nothing wrong with that if it is!).

I love customising something to make it my own so in the few minutes I could squeeze in after work, I ran to the store & got a few things.. a maidera cake, a tub of cream, some fresh fruit & some tinned fruits. 

Then all I had to do when I got home was slice the cake, whip the cream with half the tin of passionfruit pulp, filled the cake with half the whipped cream & use the remainder on the top of the cake, then decorate with the fresh & tinned fruit. 

We were celebrating a friend’s birthday & he loves mandarins so they made an appearance on the cake. The fresh fruits were what was in season & on special so that helped the decision of what was going on there too! 


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