Teriyaki chicken with tofu, pumpkin & broccoli 

I love tofu but my husband does not quite share this love so one day, I was craving it & decided to incorporate it into something that he liked. 

I decided to make teriyaki chicken. Now, before you think as to how great my culinary skills are, I do the cheats version. I purchased a teriyaki marinade from the Asian grocers – Lee Kum Kee brand. I then sliced up chicken thighs into strips, marinade it while I chopped up the remaining ingredients being pumpkin, broccoli & hard tofu. 

I then heat up some oil in the wok, in goes the marinated chicken first to cook, then the pumpkin followed by the tofu & lastly the broccoli. I then add a bit more of the marinade so that there is some sauce to the dish. 

Once ready, serve with white rice. 


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