Roti & Curry Chicken, Murtabak & lychee lemonade from Roti & Buns

This was the first place we tried at The Kitchens as Hubs has a weakness for anything that includes roti! 

Murtabak – I used to love this as a kid. It is pretty much a roti stuffed with spiced mince. This one has a bit too much spices (not resulting in heat but a powdery aftertaste) & salt. Would have preferred for it to come with some curry as well. 

Roti with curry chicken – this was quite good but would have loved for the curry to be thicker. It has good flavour but just too watery. 

Lychee lemonade – quite refreshing but not much flavour. Lychee itself is a very subtle flavour & if mixed with too much water or other flavours, the lychee flavour then disappears. 

Run by Malaysians, this is quite authentic but it is a little pricy for what they have. 


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