Turmeric & apricot rice with paprika grilled fish and mustard & maple carrots

This may sound complicated but it was so easy to make & bursting with flavour. 

Firstly, roughly chop up some dried apricots and add that to your rice in the rice cooker. I had used a mixture of white long grain & brown rice. Then add a teaspoon of turmeric powder & enough water to cook the rice. Stir till the powder dissolves in the water & then cook rice according to the rice cooker instructions. 

Season the slices of fish with paprika, salt & pepper, place on a tray & place in oven to grill. 

In a bowl, place carrots cut lengthwise, a tablespoon of seeded mustard & 1/3 cup of maple syrup. Season with salt & pepper & toss together. Then lay the carrots on a baking tray & add to oven. 

Any leftover maple syrup & mustard seeds can be drizzled over the fish at this time to prevent it from drying out & to enhance the flavour. 


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