Roti canai with curry chicken, stir fry beef hor fun & lor mee from Fast Wok

Here on the Gold Coast, there are not as many places where we can get good authentic Malaysian food. I understand too that not all the ingredients are readily available therefore, sometimes, we just have to make do. Fast Wok is one of the closest that we can get to authentic Malaysian food but sometimes it is just not the same… 

This was the roti canai with curry chicken which hubs & I shared as a starter. Great tasting & there is always leftover curry chicken which I would pack to takeaway & have for lunch the next day either with bread, rice or rice cakes. 

Hubby has his favourites after his few trips to Malaysia & this is one of them – Stir fry beef hor fun. Always good here. 

This is one of my favourites that is not available in most places here. Lor mee is noodles in a eggy starchy soup with shrimp, ham & vegetables like cheeses carrots & cabbage. Usually eaten with black vinegar which is the main reason why it was a childhood favourite. 


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