Fudge nut sundae, cookie pancake stack & green tea latte from Cowch

After a wonderful lunch at Torii with some friends, we went across to check out Cowch which is a new dessert place. 

This was hubs’ cookie pancake stack. Fluffy pancakes topped with cookies & cream ice cream & chocolate sauce & crumbled chocolate cookies. 

My green tea latte.. wasn’t too bad.. not enough green tea / matcha but still quite alright.

This was my fudge nut sundae. A scoop of peanut butter ice cream, cookies & cream ice cream & condensed milk ice cream  served on a bed of chocolate ganache soaked brownies, topped with peanuts, whipped cream and dark chocolate drizzle. 

To be honest, it was a little too sweet for me as although I am a dessert lover, I am not too much of a sweet tooth so all my desserts have reduced sugar. But, it was still tasty & good! 


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