Grand Opening of Torii Restaurant & Bar

It is always special to see something that you have worked on & contributed towards in some part, big or small come to fruition! When it is a restaurant, the foodie in me gets extra excited. 

What a wonderful day it was to see & attend the grand opening of Torii Restaurant & Bar. I have seen & know of the hard work that has been contributed by many to this business and it’s opening is indeed an occasion worth celebrating! 

To start off the celebrations was the lion dance followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. 

Then the food & drinks started flowing… I didn’t manage to get a picture of everything due to the socialising. 

Shots of this Japanese spicy plum whisky for the toasts.

Japanese styled meatballs.

Fresh tuna sushi with fish roe.

Fresh salmon sushi with fish roe.

Spoonfuls of beautiful tasting freshness. 

Salmon avocado roll with fish roe. 

It was an amazing day & I wish Torii the very best in their venture! 


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