Chocolate Strawberry Tart

This was a random experiment resulting from getting a strawberry bargain ☺️

I got a pack of store bought shortcrust pastry. I greased the pie  tray with butter (a lil handy hint: I actually keep the wrappings after using up a block of butter & that is what I use to grease my trays), place the shortcrust pastry into it, because my tray was round & my piece of pastry was square, I did some adjustments 😉, then blind bake the pastry. Blind baking means making the pastry without a filling as the filling is is added into the pastry shell later. You will need to place a layer of baking paper over the pastry & fill it with uncooked rice or baking beans (available at kitchen shops or baking stores). 

Once the pastry is baked till golden brown, let it cool for a few minutes, then transfer the baking beans to separate bowl to totally cool before storing it away. I then melted some chocolate in the microwave & poured it into the pastry case. Immediately, I cut the tops of the strawberries & place it in the chocolate before it hardens. 

It is like chocolate covered (almost) strawberries in a tart. 


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