Tommy Gun’s Professional Barbers 

Yes, I know, they are not exactly food related but hey, they give me a free coffee every time hubs goes for a haircut! Lol

In all seriousness, I think that they deserve a review because of the great service they provide. They are always friendly, with great skills & a great range of hair products for all hair types. If you want your man pampered, this is the place to send him. It is designed specifically to do so. When you walk in, he can self check in on the iPad provided but if he needs help, there is a person there to assist as well. Then as he waits for his turn, he is served a drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic or coffee, while he entertains himself at the iPad stations with all the sports & games apps on it or at the old school arcade gaming table where he can play games such as donkey kong! Then when it is his turn, the mirror in front of him is actually a tv that can be tuned to his favourite sport! 

It is a great place & girls, leave him there & go shopping. In fact, after he is done & has had his “man pamper” session, he is inclined to walk around the shops with you too! 


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