Potato salad & chicken schnitzel 

I was craving potato salad but it was winter, so I decided to experiment & make a warm one. 

The first & easy step is to boil some potatoes cutted up into bite size in a pot of water & salt. Then prepare the dressing. I used 3 heaped tablespoons of sour cream, a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a teaspoon of whole grain mustard, some dried herbs, some paprika, a pinch of tumeric & some lemon pepper. Mix well. 

To it I add chopped celery & grated carrots. Once the potato is cooked through & softened, drain it & toss it straight into the dressing. Toss well to combine & it is ready to serve.

I had also bought a pack of chicken & corn schnitzel from Aldi to try. I simply placed them in the oven to cook while I was making potato salad & once the salad was done, so was the chicken schnitzels. 

I served it 2 ways, for hubs, it was chicken schnitzel with a side of potato salad & for me, it was potato salad topped with chicken schnitzel 😉


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