Sunnybank $2 Food Trail 2016 Winter Edition

Every year, Sunnybank Plaza and Sunnybank Park puts on a food trail, a winter edition and a summer edition. Each stop on the trail has 2 choices of food items (small serves) that you can get for $2 each. This is my second time experiencing it & it did not disappoint. 

Here I am in line at the first stop, all excited, hungry & ready.

Bun Bo Kho Lemongrass Beef & Carrot Vermicelli Noodle Soup from That Viet Place – super tasty noodles & soup in a cup. The beef pieces are cooked to perfection that it melts on your mouth. 

Bean noodle in chilli oil from Lunar Cuisine – hasn’t got much ingredients & may seem rather plain but don’t underestimate this lil container of fire power

Spicy meatball & seafood ball from Seafood Hotpot Buffet – the meatballs & seafoodballs were good but man were they spicy! 

Steamed custard bun, siu mai, ham sui kok & sesame ball from Parkland Restaurant – always good & hits the spot

BBQ pork bun from Juno Bakery & Cafe – kinda like a BBQ pork burger.. Rather tasty. Hubs really liked it.

Mapo tofu with rice from Little Cube Chinese Restaurant – one of the best mapo tofu I have had besides my grandfather’s which is a huge call! 

ChaTime – says for itself! Lol. Yakult green tea with aloe Vera, mango green tea & peach black tea with pearls.

Coconut pudding & egg tarts from Cafe Mi – takeaway for later 😉

BBQ pork buns from Lili’s Cuisine – rather small sized but tasty. 

Signature herbal jelly dessert with condensed milk from Meet Fresh – this one was one of my favourite dessert & I will definitely go back for more. It also has taro & sweet potato tapioca pieces (almost like a sweet gnocchi) and pearls. 

Last stop on the food trail! (For us that is).. Taro hot cake & Danish stick from Hot Cake House – freshly made, so good! 

There were actually many more stops but we didn’t get around to all of them. At different spots, there were also buskers & lion dance performances. Also, when there with boys, they naturally gravitate towards the games area so we took a few breaks between every few stops. 


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