Flip the Bird burger, My Chicky Babe burger & Garbage Fries from Brooklyn Depot

I had lunch with one of my friends on a Saturday afternoon. She was complaining about how she has been drooling over some of my Instagram posts for the last few weeks & she has been craving for a burger because of it… So I took her to Brooklyn Depot at Surfers Paradise. 

To start with & snack on, we had some garbage fries which is fries with bacon bits, melted cheese, onion strings (deep fried) & freckles (deep friend pickles!). So good & great to snack on while waiting for your meal & catching up! 

My friend had the Flip the Bird burger which is a pulled bbq chicken with bacon, slaw, and guacamole. I have had that before & can indeed say that it is really good.

I gave the My Chicky Babe a try & it was absolutely stunning! Christ buttermilk chicken with slaw, chilli relish, American cheese, cowboy caviar (which is a salsa medley of charred corn, black bean, & tomato) & chipotle mayo. Very good! 


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