MovieWorld’s Carnivale 2016

This year, we didn’t buy VIP tickets to the theme parks as we couldn’t afford them in our budget however, we were blessed by a lovely friend (& parent whose’s child comes to the kids program that hubs & I run) with tickets & a tasting pass to MovieWorld’s Carnivale. 

As always, it was a great night out with some amazing food & awesome parade & atmosphere! 

Check out these awesome cups that comes with free refills of drinks throughout the night. 

The bbq pulled pork rolls is one thing that I can’t go pass each year.. So juicy & so good! 

This year, I tried the jambalaya which was very very good although you can smell the grilled prawns for quite a while on your fingers! 

We also got loaded fries to share. Topped with ranch sauce, melted cheese sauce & bacon! So good! 

We got Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to end the night. The tonight’s dough & chunky monkey was the pick! 

Lastly a couple of shots of the parade! 


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