Lunch at Bite, Jupiters Casino

I am about a month behind in my blogging but that is just how life rolls isn’t it? At least I get it up & going when I get the chance (that is my justification to make me few better πŸ˜‰)  

On Mothers’ Day, we took Mum out to Bite at Jupiters Casino for lunch because she wanted to try their new menu. As hubs had a $50 voucher to spend on food at any restaurant at Jupiters, it didn’t cost us too much. 

Dessert first as Mum likes it ☺️

This was the  sherry triffle.. 

The French vanilla slice

The banofee mousse

Lunch was really good too. 

Mum, hubs & sis had the sweet & sour pork with fried rice

& I being different has the lamb ossu bucco with mash & vege which was sooooooo good that I will be back for more! 


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