Dinner & Drinks at Institution Ale House

A group of us decided to go out for an impromptu dinner & drinks one night, so we drove into Surfers Paradise & had a look at places that we haven’t yet tried. 

We ended up at The Institution Ale House which is located at Hilton as we could have dinner & drinks there without going to more than one place. 

This is a Bastille Single Malt French whisky. Smooth & nice with a light & sweet aftertaste. I am not a big fan of whisky but I don’t mind this.

For those preferring something sweeter & not as strong, this is a Mozart chocolate liquer with milk.. A bit like a spiked chocolate milkshake.. 

I decided to be different & tried their house Institution Easy Ale. Great if you want something light as you enjoy the company you are with.

This is the Big Mac Daddy burger – tasted absolutely amazing according to hubs! I think he will be back for more..

Spiced popcorn chicken with actual popcorn in it.. Something fun to have & share!

Lastly, chipotle wings with blue cheese sauce. I am a lover of wings of all types! This is one amazing serve of full flavoured marinade, juicy well cooked wings & good blue cheese sauce to accompany it. 

The place may be a bit pricey but it is good for an occasional treat! 


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