Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

This is my second Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day. The first one I attended was a few years ago & we made it a family outing which was quite fun. 

This year, due to sickness, busyness & other scheduling clashes, I went to the new store at Pacific Fair with a friend as a spontaneous adventure. 

The Pacific Fair store was a better option as there was better crowd control & friendly service (based on the feedback by a few other people I knew who attended & posts on FB regarding the disappointing experience at the Surfers Paradise store)

We got given menu cards so we could decide while waiting in line. 

The tonight dough has got to be my new favourite! 

The New York super fudge chunk has always been one of my go to.. 

Peanut butter pretzel batter on the left.. Pretty good… & coconut seven layer bar full of coconut on the right..

This was the mango mango sorbet. Great for any mango lovers! 


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