Roti Canai & Dry Chilli Pan Mee with Milo Dinosaur & White Coffee from Pappa Rich Brisbane

When we were in Brissy, we caught up with some close friends & where else better to have lunch than the newly open Pappa Rich! 

Hubs just had to try the roti canai.. It was a hard choice to choose but he was absolutely happy & cleaned the plate.. 

A drink wasn’t a hard choice. Definitely milo dinosaur! 

For me, after about 10 minutes of flipping the menu in indecision, I finally chose the dry chilli pan mee. It was really good with lots of ingredients despite a little too dry so everything stuck together… It needed a tad of soup to loosen the noodles up but still delicious! 

For a drink I had a kopi-o ais which is an iced black coffee but didn’t get a picture of it.. Oops.. I got a little too excited with it.. Lol.. 
But as we were leaving, hubs got me a lil something to last to our next visit.. A box of Pappa Rick white coffee! Thanks hubs! 

All in all, a great visit & I can’t wait to go back again! 



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