Club Sofitel Lounge 

It was our 6th wedding anniversary & hubs whisked me away to one of our fav hotels in Brisbane. Being an Accor Advantage Plus we also got a good deal which includes the Club Sofitel Lounge giving us all day access to snacks & drinks, breakfast & pre-dinner canapés. 

The variety changes daily but there are always good & delicious options both healthy & also a little naughty. 

Below are just a few shots of what we had while we were there… 

Bacon, smoked salmon, scrambled & poached eggs & mushrooms with hollandaise & a side of freshly  squeezed carrot, apple, orange & ginger juice. 

A night cap of Marsala chai tea! So good & relaxing! 

 Chicken pesto salad with baby corn & pesto, cheese & crackers paired with a glass of delicious pink moscato.

Coffee & croissant with honey butter.

Grilled spiced calamari salad with beef skewers & prawn dumplings paired with a Pinot Grigio.  

Coffee from the machine. 

Same as the other breakfast above but with dill infused hollandaise. 

Jamison on the rocks with Brut champagne.  


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