Bread & butter pudding

This is one of hubs all time fav dessert & the easiest to make. If you ever have any leftover bread, even if they are of different kinds or just the crust of some of them, mix them in together to get some amazing different textures in your pudding. In this one, I have a mix of whole grain & white bread. I was a lil too lazy to butter each slice so I melted some butter in the microwave & drizzled it over each layer & sprinkle some raw sugar over each layer too.. Then add another layer & repeat till you each the top of your casserole (on in this case, baking tray as I was making a big batch). Then mix up 2 eggs to a cup of milk so as I was making a big batch, I had 8 eggs & 4 cups of milk.. Pour over the bread & allow it to sit for a few minutes so the bread absorbs all the liquid. Then place in oven to bake till golden brown. The look hubs had when he saw the huge tray of bread & butter pudding was like a dream come through.. Lol.. 


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