Salad of pearl barley, corn kernels, cherry tomatoes & chopped olives with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar & a sprinkle of black pepper

Salads are not always green nor made with leafy vegetables. This was one of my one created combo which I have to say worked very well.. That well that I made it for lunch all week.. Yes, when I discover something good, I tend to keep going till I had enough or run out of those ingredients.. Hahaha.. 

This started with when I was boiling barley water when I was unwell. In most Chinese households, you drink the water, eat a bit of the barley & that’s it. I actually like eating barley pearls but it sometimes gets too much so I googled as to what else I could make with the barley pearls & discovered that it can be put in a salad.. So I started scooping the barley pearls out after I boiled the barley water & stored it in a container.. Then to make the salad, I place in a container, a ladleful of barley pearls, chop up some marinated olives that I had in the fridge, cooked some frozen corn in the microwave & added that, quartered up some cherry tomatoes & then drizzled some balsamic vinegar over it. Make it the night before & store it in the fridge. When having it for lunch the next day, sprinkle some black pepper & it is ready to eat! Simple, easy & delicious! 


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