Homecooked dinner – sweet soy chicken drumettes, boiled lettuce with oyster sauce & sesame oil & scrambled eggs

  It is a rare occasion in our busy schedule to be able to be able to cook a proper Chinese dinner with dishes. Here is just a simple home cooked dinner which made hubs happy as he loved it. 

This is the simplest dish. A pot of boiling water, drop in leaves of iceberg lettuce to blanch, drain & toss with a bit of oyster sauce.   
I marinated the chicken drumettes in soy sauce, white pepper, dark soy, honey, brown sugar & sesame oil… Then just place in a casserole & place in hot oven for about half an hour to 45 minutes. Remember to turn & toss at least once or twice so it cooks evenly and doesn’t dry out allowing the chicken to be basted.

This is an easy one too.. Beat eggs with light soy sauce & sesame oil, then scramble. 

Simple & quick enough to get everything done! Serve with rice. 


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