Lap Cheung (Chinese dried sausage) & egg fried rice

Lap Cheung is most often known as Chinese sausage but it is more like a salami. This tends to usually be dried similar to a salami stick but in the size of a sausage. The texture tends to be a lil chewy but the flavour & smell of it is heavenly sweet. 

Lap Cheung can be cooked in the simplest manners to bring out its’ amazing flavours. I like it steamed on its own, or added into a rice cooker just as the rice is almost cooked which allows the flavour & fragrant to be infused into the cooked rice or added to fried rice. 

I slice the lap Cheung into thin bit size slices & toss it into a hot wok. Not much oil is needed for this because when cooked, the oil from the Lap Cheung will be heated & ooze out of it. When you can smell the beautiful fragrant, add to it cooked rice (either freshly cooked or overnight). Stir it through till combined. Allow it to sit for a minute or two & in the meantime, beat about 4 eggs & add some white pepper to season. Then pour the egg over the rice & stir the rice continuously so that the egg coats the rice as it cooks through. Once the egg is cooked, the fried rice is ready to be served. 


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