Coffee from Raw Espresso

For a long period of time, I followed this cafe on Instagram. I often wondered where they were located & then suddenly one day, I realised that I drive pass them everyday to & from work. The only problem is that on my way to work, I am battling traffic & they are on the wrong side of the road which I can’t get to unless I go all the way up a hill (where quite a fair bit of traffic is), make a u-turn & pretty much go back down the hill… On my way home, they are shut by then. 

So finally, one morning when I dropped my car off at the tyre shop for new tyres & walked back to my office, I had the opportunity to stop & get a coffee! 

The coffee was amazing & the place was set up in such a summery fresh manner that I just wanted to sit there with a book as the day went by.. Sadly, that was wishful thinking & on to work I had to continue.. I will be back one day for breakfast or just to chill the day away! 


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