Chicken wonton in chicken broth

You would see in a few post prior to this one that I had made chicken wonton. Whenever I make something like this, I tend to make extra to be frozen & used for late nights or busy days. This was one of them. Coming home late from work, passed 8.30pm, the last thing I wanted to do was to slave away in the kitchen so thankfully I had my freezer to raid without having to go get unhealthy takeaways (because most other possibly healthy options have closed or are closing – such is life on the Gold Coast) or revert to store bought frozen meals (which are fine but sometimes lacking the homecooked comfort). It was quick & simple enough as putting a pot of water on boil while I changed out of my work clothes, then adding the frozen wontons into the pot. I also heat up some store-bought chicken stock (I always get mine from Aldi as it has all natural ingredients & no additives) in the microwave. Once the wontons are cooked, I scoop them out of the boiling water & into my warm chicken stock & dinner is ready! Hearty, healthy & comforting! Plus having been frozen & marinated for a lot longer, the wontons have so much more flavour too! 


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