Salsa topped grilled fish on lettuce & corn in a wrap with mozzarella cheese & hommus

I was home on my own one Saturday evening while hubs was out with some friends.. As he is not always the most adventurous when it comes to food unless he is in the mood for it, this is my time to experiment some trial & errors. 

So I decided to grill some fish marinated with some Cajun spice & olive oil. This went straight into the oven once it was marinated. Once it was mostly cooked, I took it out, topped with store bought salsa & place back in oven for a few minutes. I also boiled a cob of corn & cut the kernels off. Chop some iceberg lettuce & it was ready to put together. 

Using a multigrain wrap, I first spread some hommus, toss together some shredded cheese & lettuce, lay the grilled fish on top & sprinkle a bit more cheese, wrap & dinner was ready. 

It was actually really yummy, quick, easy & healthy! 


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