Vegetarian fried rice

I have always been one who love a vege packed fried rice. If there is any meat that I would put into it, it will be luncheon meat or Devon or sometimes sliced hot dogs. Best option would be Chinese sausage (lap Cheung) if it is available because the brautiful fragrant & taste it gives is beyond amazing. 

Anyway, there seems to be something therapeutic about chopping up vege a which I do like.. Although, having said that, if I do it for too long a period, I get bored & want it over & done with. 

This is rather simple. I start by frying up some scrambled eggs with a bit of soy sauce in the lightly beaten eggs. This is optional of course. 

Then in a hot pan with a drizzle of oil, fry up some chopped garlic, add your vege from the hardest like carrots & broccoli stalks to the softest like cabbage & spinach. Once the vegetables are softened, add a dash of Chinese rice wine, a dash of soy sauce & a dash of white pepper. Then add cooked rice (preferably rice that was cooked he night before & cooled in the fridge overnight as it becomes more grainy rather than lumpy but rice that was freshly cooked works too) & stir through. Once done, drizzle some sesame oil before serving. 


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