Instant noodles (spicy prawn Mee flavour) with homemade chicken meatballs & water spinach

No one said that instant noodles have to be boring. I love instant noodles.. I know it is not the healthiest food but it is comfort food & I don’t have it often but there is always a few packets in the pantry for days that I feel like it. 

With the remainder of the dumpling mixture (see previous post on preparation), I turned them into meatballs because I ran out of dumpling skins. It is easily done by either rolling a scoop in your hands into balls or using 2 spoons to shape them. So in a pot of boiling water, I boiled the meatballs, once they are floating, they are cooked. Remove them with a slotted spoon & place in a bowl. 

I then place a bunch of water spinach into the pot of boiling water.. Using a pair of chopstick to toss it in the water, this takes about a minute to blanch. 

In a fresh pot of boiling water, I then cook the packet of instant noodles is instructed & then combine it all in a bowl. 

It taste absolutely amazing & noting like a boring pack of instant noodles. With the added ingredient, it becomes a nutritious meal. 


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