Hubs’ birthday: brunch at Fix Espresso

So it was Hubs’ birthday & I took the day off to spend some time in the morning with him since he was working in the afternoon. 

We went out for brunch at Fix Espresso to celebrate with mum & sis. As usual, the service was friendly & the food was good. 

I had a breakfast bruschetta which tasted absolutely amazing. An amazing bruschetta topped with bacon & a poached egg. I would definitely go back for another one. 

Hubs had eggs on toast with a side of hash browns & bacon. (The bacon was coming on another plate hence why it isn’t in the picture.)

Mum & sis shared a ham & cheese croissant & a bowl of chips. Mum loves the croissants there. 

& drinks were matcha green tea latte for me, cappuccinos for mum & sis and an organic cola for hubs. 

Overall, we were satisfied & enjoyed our meal. Great start to hubs’ birthday! 


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