Completion of the New Year Healthy eating challenge

We made it! We got to the end! (Technically this was a week & half ago as I have been super busy but we did finish it!) 

Firstly, I am super proud of Hubs of his accomplishments these 2 weeks. I was then further surprised when he said that he may take the I quit sugar challenge & do it for 8 weeks. 

As I said above, it has been a week & half since we completed the challenge & I am proud to say that Hubs has only had Coke Zero so far & not normal Coke. Plus, a bottle of coke can now sit in the fridge & last a week! 

Further to that, we have still been eating healthy with plenty of vege in our meals. His lunchbox for the last week has also been a healthy one. The changes that we made in the 2 weeks have now been adopted into our livestyle & we have been making healthy choices. One of the best decisions we made to start of 2016!


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