New Year healthy eating challenge: Day 13 – willpower

I got a bit behind in my blog so will be spending parts of the long weekend catching it up to date 😁

Day 13 showed us how much we had progressed in our eating habits & tested our willpower. We had all our meals out as we had a birthday dinner & a brunch with family planned ahead.. But we did discover that even eating out has its healthy choices. 

The biggest test came when later in the night, our group of friends decided to go to Maccas (after the birthday dinner & bowling). Without hesitating, hubs & I only ordered coffee (with no sugar or syrup) while the rest of our friends had a Maccas meal. It was definitely a test of our endurance but we were surprised by how we were able to not give in to the temptation (especially for him) & had learn to switch our mindsets. 


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