New Year healthy eating challenge: Groceries at Mrs Flannery’s 

We don’t usually shop at Mrs Flannery’s. I occasionally go in there to grab a thing or two but with this health challenge, we decided to go in & check out a few things. As an added bonus, today was their Super Saturday which means that there was a 15% discount on their “homebrand” items. 
Here are what we bought today to try.  

Freshly blended peanut butter. This was one of the first things that caught my attention when Mrs Flannery’s first opened. They had a machine that blended roasted peanuts with water to make peanut butter. Convinced hubs to give it a try today 😁

Coconut kefir is something that my sis-in-law has been taking to assist with her digestion. She had suggested that we try it. Containing probiotics that create yogurt, a shot or two a day helps improve digestion & immunity.
Paleo grain free bread is something that I had never thought of trying. I am a lover of freshly baked bread so we might just have to see what the verdict is for this 😁

Dried apricots without sulphur which are healthier & sugar free.  
Vege chips! My favourite (without the beetroot chips – gave those to dos 😁)


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