Banana mango smoothie overnight oats

So quick & easy to make especially when you need breakfast on the go in the mornings. 

In a blender, I blend 2 frozen bananas & 2 cheeks of chopped up mangos with 2 cups of milk. I tend to buy more fruits than I need & freeze what I don’t get to eating before they start going brown. It comes in handy for meals like these & for smoothies. This recipe makes 2 lots of smoothies. 

In a mason jar, fill in 5 tablespoons of quick oats & add to it any other dried fruit or fruit that you may like. I added sultanas to this. Then pour in the smoothie to almost fill the jar (at the very least an inch above your oats) & add another teaspoon of oats on the top. Leave jar in fridge overnight. 

I fill my jar to the top because what I am not a big breakfast person when I wake up so what I do in the mornings is, I have the top half of the jar which is mostly the smoothie. Then I bring the rest in to work & have the oats at work. 


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