Carrot, white cucumber, ginger & dried goji berry soup

With the change of weather these last few days, I was feeling a little sniffly & in times like these, comfort food cravings kick in. A good warm bowl of Chinese soup is one thing that will always cure any sickness for me & this took about 5 minutes to prep at the most & then just leave it on it’s own checking on it every so often which is great when not feeling 100%. 

I put about 2/3 pot of water on boil. Thinly slice a knob of ginger & add to water. Only use a little bit if you don’t want then ginger taste to be subtle but I was wanting it to be stronger to beat the sniffles so it was quite a big chunk that went in 🙂 

Then peel & chop carrots into quite chunky pieces. I basically jut kept things into the pot as I was slicing & chopping. With the white cucumber, you can peel it first if you like as the skin can be quite tough but I prefer to put it in with the skin & then I will remove the skin as I am eating it. Slice the cucumber into half long-ways & then cut into chunky slices. I then remove the seeds in the middle & place the cucumbers into the pot as well. Then add a handful of dried goji berries in & bring it to a boil. 

In about 30 minutes when it has been boiling, turn the heat down low & allow it to summer for about an hour. After that, it is ready for your enjoyment. 


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