Cinnamon apple & oat pie

I was experimenting a new twist on apple pie. My last few apple pies have come out rather runny which means that if we were to eat it fresh out of the oven, there is a pool of “soup” or “juice” with it. So to trial it out as a solution, I added oats. 

First I buttered the dish, place a store bought piece of shortcrust pastry in, sprinkle some sugar, added a layer of chopped apples, a layer of oats, then in a bowl, I toss the rest of the chopped apples with cinnamon, place it in the pie & scatter more oats & let it fall within the gaps, cover the pie with another piece of shortcrust pastry, make an insertion to allow for air flow & place in oven for 40 minutes to bake. When it is ready, let it rest for about 10-15 minutes. 


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